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Upcoming seminars from IGSPACE

Seminar on financial literacy in Uzbekistan
A workshop on improving financial literacy in Uzbekistan will be held from 16 to 20 August. Objective: - To improve financial literacy of the population - Create conditions for economic growth

Register by 10 August 2024 to participate.
Senior Delegates Research Summit
Aug 11th - Aug 12th 2024 Hôtel Lutetia Paris

The agenda strikes a good balance between topical macroeconomic issues and strategic aspects of business development, including effective management of sales and marketing operations. Each year, benchmarking studies are conducted, in-house research papers are produced and a strong emphasis is placed on social activities.
Chief Executive Officer Breakfast Seminar
16th Sep 2024 The Ivy Victoria London

Our annual breakfast seminar allows members of the European Institute to socialise at the start of the year. Through participant-driven discussion topics, we share common problems and solutions, complemented by leading external speakers.
Institutional Investor Festival
Sep 17th 2024 11.50 am – 12.50pm (MST) / 1.50pm – 2.50pm (ET) / 10:50am – 1:50am (PST) Virtual Event

Join us for the 2nd Annual Festival of Institutional Investors. This virtual gathering will feature three industry veterans who will share their thoughts with the II community. It provides a great opportunity to close out 2023 and target 2024 with some of the country's leading allocators and commentators.
UK and Ireland Alternatives and Private Markets Symposium
Oct 23rd 2024 Pennyhill Park Hotel Bagshot

The continued interest in private market alternatives and investments has prompted us to present a one-day event fully dedicated to all things property, infrastructure, private equity, private debt and hedge funds.
Institutional Investor Summit: Italy
Oct 1st 2024 Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel Rome

This invitation-only summit will bring together Italy's most important and experienced pension funds, insurance companies and foundations. Senior investment officials will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges of investing assets in the current uncertain environment. We will learn from best-in-class allocators and selected asset management firms.
Endowments & Foundations Roundtable West 2024
Nov 5th - Nov 7th 2024 Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

The EFI West Roundtable will provide expert information and discuss a variety of issues

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